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RAT Aerospace TechnologiesFloyd Fawkes

Sully wearing a collared shirt and cableknit sweater, smiling and looking away from the camera

Floyd Fawkes

he/him // @kaiopsiavian


Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Character Designer, Voice Actor.



Floyd has used art to express himself for as long as he can remember. Though he remains almost wholly self-taught, there were all sorts of inspirations through his life — familiar and further away.

Though he engaged with several programs in his high school career, his more professional endeavors into the arts have dwindled; however, his passion still remains. Today, he's seeking out opportunities with which to flex his creative muscle and take his art more seriously - and is happy to be doing it with friends.

Floyd is happy to be here at RAT Aerospace Technologies, and is excited to watch it grow.


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